On Location Bridal Info

What forms of payment do you accept?

Deposits are usually made by e-transfer. On the wedding day I am able to accept, money, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB. If you are going to pay with cash please notify me before hand and I'll ensure to come prepared to provide you with change if necessary. 

Why do I have to provide a deposit? 

The deposit secures your spot. As I do receive multiple on location requests for the same day, this means I will be declining all other weddings once your deposit is received. 

Why do you charge travel fees to some destinations?

On location hair services is a luxury service, it is not a service that all stylists nor salons provide. For this reason, certain destinations outside the city limits require much more travel time, and therefore is an added expense.

Why does 1 person have to take care of the payment for my entire bridal party? Why can't you collect it yourself from each individual person? 

There is so much going on the day of the wedding, I have found this is the easiest way to avoid any confusion regarding payment.  This also saves me and everyone else time within your bridal party trying to figure 'whats going on' and allows me to focus on the hair and everyone else to focus on enjoying the big day!

Why is there an 'extra charge' for a blow dry if someone from my bridal party shows up with wet hair? 

During my first few conversations with potential brides, I always specify  to 'arrive with 100% dry hair'. Seeing as most hair and makeup prep is only a few hours at most, this allows me to respect your timeline the day of your wedding, and ensures that everyone is completed in a timely manner.  If anyone fails to follow instructions, and would like me to blowdry their hair (assuming there is time!) that is an extra service, which is therefore an extra charge.  The same principle applies in the hair salon - if you'd like a a full highlight vs a partial - it's an extra service which is an extra charge.  

Can I add people for hair services the day of my wedding?

Just ask! Whether it be the day of wedding (which happens often after other attendees see everyone all dolled up!) or before, I will try my absolute best to accommodate you.  After being in the industry for 10 yrs, I'm able to work quickly and efficiently. I also reserve a little 'extra time' on wedding days in case anything unexpected comes up and delays the hair and makeup process...which means I can sometimes fit that unexpected guest in!

Someone from my bridal party changed their mind last minute and decided not to have their hair done on my wedding day. Can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately not. the minute I receive your deposit, I decline all other wedding inquiries.  If anyone changes their mind, I will be more than happy to accommodate another guest.

Other stylists offer group discounts - why don't you?

I'm fully aware many industry professionals do, and it's not something I personally agree with. My stance on group discounts is this:

More people=more work. Not less work.  

If you dont ask your dentist for discounts for pulling more teeth or doing that extra whitening service after a cleaning, or your mechanic for a deal when more work is required....you see where I'm going this? 

Why is your rate for the flower girl based on the amount of hair they have and not their age?

During my career, I have met some young flower girls that have more hair than women my age, and for this reason I decided to price accordingly. 

Why am I obligated to book a wedding trial? Why can't we just figure it out the day of my wedding?

Why do I have to pay for parking and park entrance fees?

During the trial, do we only try out 1 hair style?

Why do you only allow 1.5hrs for a wedding trial? Can I request a longer trial?

I'd like to have 2 different styles on my wedding day- is this possible?

Should I buy products for touch-ups or will you provide me with something?

I always provide the bride with a little bag of hair treats and some fun extras for the rest of your day once I leave.

Do you have an assistant?

Presently, I work alone. Why?  I've only lived in Calgary for a year and a half, and to be honest - I am a little picky! 

Do you offer makeup services?

Unfortunately I do not, my sole focus is hair. However, I have a few talented makeup artists I'd be happy to put you in contact with or feel free to check out my 'VENDORS' page at the top.

Hair Extensions & Salon Services

Do you offer clip in hair extension rental?

Presently, I do not. Perhaps in the future I will! If you are looking to purchase clip-ins, I can definitely help you pick the appropriate shade and length, or point you in the right direction.

Are you able to do other hair extension services as well?

Yes! I do tape-in extensions and u-tip extensions.  If you have any questions just ask.

Do you offer salon services as well such as all over color, highlights or balayage or a healthy trim before my big day?

Absolutely...all of the above! Again, please email me with any questions regarding salon services you may have, and feel free to include any hair inspiration photos you've spent hours googling, pinning, or screen shots of people you've creeped :)


What products do you use?

I use a variety products on location. Bumble & bumble, Kevin.Murphy, Kenra, Moroccan Oil, Schwarzkopf, Keune, Tigi and Unite are just a few of the regulars I keep stashed in my kit!

What happens if I have a product allergy?

Please notify me prior to your event date so I can ensure to have the proper products on hand. Otherwise you may be asked to provide your own.

Do you use organic hair products?

Sometimes! In my line of work, I need and want products that will guarantee longevity for your style throughout the day and evening.  I like to use what works best, and that is a mixture of products, not just organic ones.

Other FAQS


Can I be added to your Vendor list?

Absolutely! If you're interested please contact me, we can chat and we'll go from there! I like to ensure that anyone I refer to a bride is professional and provides a fantastic customer service experience.

I just graduated from cosmetology school and am not comfortable with updos - can you help me?

Yes. Yes. And yes! I love styling hair...like really love it. Annnnd a little known fact about me  - when I attended cosmetology school we were taught 3 updo's (yes that's right!) The majority of what I know and do has been self taught, trial and error on mannequin heads, experimenting, taking classes, asking questions, and having the opportunity to work alongside other talented people in the industry.  Please contact me if you're interested in a one on one hair session, or even if you just have some questions - I'd love to help out in any way I can!

I'd like to assist you to see if on location bridal work is the path I'd like to take.

Again....yessssss!  All I ask is that you arrive on time, look professional and please dont text on your phone the whole time. Contact me through email if you'd like to tag along, or again if you have any questions - ask away.

I'm an established hair stylist already and would also like to do on location bridal work as well as other freelances.

Send me an email with any questions you may have,along with a brief summary of your experience and education and we can set up a time to discuss possibilities.